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  1. More on Budweiser and InBev | another wine blog Said,

    […] Drinkplanner weighs in on the Budweiser vs. the big, bad foreign company kerfuffle. As usual, they do it in a most amusing and insightful way. Here are some choice excerpts. And to those panicking about lost American jobs and whatnot…calm the hell down.  Anheuser-Busch is THE #1 producer of beer in the states, and they’re not going to be shutting down production anytime soon.  How cost-effective do you think it would be to move production of the #1 US beer out of the US, only to have to ship it back to us? Exactly! I especially enjoyed this part: So relax, interwebs.  Time will only tell as to what this will mean down the line, but rest assured your favorite Anheuser-Busch brands aren’t going anywhere.  Unless your favorite brand is Bud Light Chelada, in which case you deserve whatever you get. […]

  2. teH 3ntarVV3bz Said,

    Yess.. except now when I buy a Bud my money leaves the country.

  3. DrinkPlanner Said,

    Except for all the employees in the US brewing, bottling, distributing, and selling the beer. And what do you, as a drinker, care about where the profits go? Do you never drink imported beers?

  4. 98u Said,

    bud and miller are crap bubble gum beer anyway good riddence.

  5. Homebrewer Said,

    Exactly, you hit the nail on the head 98u….Crappy American beer for Nascar fans, who cares? Not me…

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