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  1. CodeMonkey Said,

    It’s been forever since I had whiskey sours, my roommates and I used to make it by the pitcher. You’re right about the easy drinking and your recommendations hit the beginners and summer spot. When I was out at a bar with my girlfriend who doesn’t drink, my brother ordered us a round of “Soco and Lime” shots, (SoCo is Southern Comfort), and for someone who doesn’t drink at all, she loved it so much she wanted to go home and make it. I’d like to recommend the Soco and Lime shots. Happy Drinking!

  2. ditriech Said,

    When I started drinking out in public, I was a big fan of the Seven and Seven.

  3. DrinkPlanner Said,

    Ahhh…the Seven and Seven is a good one. Well done sir.

  4. hollis216 Said,

    First things first. Apple martini. Really? Leave them well alone. This whole “advice” list is full of things that I would think less of you for drinking.

    Mate, beer is a top choice. Shows you’re one of the lads and everywhere will have it. Start out with an ale or a bitter, both smoother than lager. Use them as training wheels and then make the step up to lager. Cider is also right up there. Start with something sweeter like Strongbow before making the step up to Magners (also called Bulmers). When it comes to fruity beer or shandies, don’t you dare. Eventually you will come across someone who will break your arms for it.

    Rum and coke is acceptable, but find a good dark or gold rum and run with it. Goslings Black Seal and Gold are availible in more and more off licences and are both beautiful with coke, and in the case of the Gold, soda water or ginger ale as well. Failing Goslings Gold, go with Cockspur or Mount Gay.

    Fruit juice is a no-no unless you are doing up a silly punch or a rum swizzle, if anyone is interested in a good swizzle recipe. Vodka with orange juice is sort of acceptable, cranberry juice will make you the brunt of countless jokes about it being “that time of the month” for you.

    Whiskey sours and margheritas are not something you drink around strangers if you are a bloke. If there’s a theme night or theres a massive quantity mixed for the night, tuck in. Whiskey sours are the drink of cougars on the prowl, and margheritas belong to young drunk girls.

    Mojitos are superb at anywhere with live music and a lounge layout. Sit off to one side, sip and enjoy the tunes.

    Flavored vodka is never ok.

    Soco and lime is never ok. Learn the difference between good and bad sambucca and do good sambucca. Same for tequila. Lemon and salt is called training wheels. Learn to go without them.

    7 and 7 is a good choice. Coke and ginger-ale work as well.

    I originally saw shandy and was in disbelief that it was being suggested seriously. Read down and realised that the entire answer was full of the drinks of homosexuals, old women and sorority girls.

    The drink in your hand is the third thing noticed about you in a bar, behind looks and dress sense. Or the first thing noticed if it’s bright green in a martini glass. People probably will judge you by what you drink in the same way that they judge you by how you dress. And you’d not head out to a bar in a pair or arseless leather trousers, now would you?

  5. DrinkPlanner Said,

    Clearly, someone didn’t read the whole article.

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