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  1. drinkhacker Said,

    Man, you put a lot of thought into that one. When I read the list I kept wondering when “can of Coors Light” was going to show up. – Your friends at

  2. DrinkPlanner Said,

    There’s just so much bad booze writing out there, it really bothers me, especially from a site who supposedly pull in 5 million readers a month. It pained me to know that many people were being mislead so far off the track by a supposedly reliable source. Thanks for the link to it.

  3. Calum Said,

    Good points all-around. AskMen really dropped the ball with that list so I’m glad you called them out (though, admittedly, I do enjoy the occasional Black Velvet).

    You think John McClane would drink a Billionaire Margarita? Not on your life. Real men drink bourbon.

  4. mistrat Said,

    Quick Tip about the black and tan. Don’t order it in Ireland, some will refuse to make it, others will get pissed, and all will be irked. the name refers to the Royal Irish Constabulary Reserve Force, which was employed to suppress the revolution in Ireland. Although it was established to target the Irish Republican Army, it became notorious through its numerous attacks on the Irish civilian population. I, like an idiot, ordered it in 3 bars, always wondering why I got such blank stares, until one finally refused to make it. I later asked one of my relatives living in Ireland and they told me the tale.

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