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  1. Marshall Said,

    WHY DAN WHY????

    Oh the humanity!!!


  2. Blair, aka Trader Tiki Said,

    Just found out these are real, and apparently in-stock at BevMo.

    Having a home Tiki Bar, I think this will suit the decor nicely. Though the vodka may have to be traded for something a little more punchy.

  3. DrinkPlanner Said,

    I agree that a crystal skull would definitely look good sitting back on the bar, and I imagine there’s a great deal of primal satisfaction drinking straight out of a skull-shaped bottle. It’s just such a bizarre confluence of things to come together to make this odd product.

  4. White Russian Said,

    Very odd indeed.

    Anybody know how much they cost?

  5. DrinkPlanner Said,

    $42.99 for a 750ml. You can buy it online here:!1166

  6. Kyle Said,

    Well, I am one of the owners of the “tommy gun bottle” shaped Vodka’s, and I can proudly say that we have 4 times distilled Super-Premium Vodka that is extremely popular in the US. It has been highly recommended by the Beverage Tasting Institute, and we didn’t even have to use Dan Akroyd’s old a@@ to promote our Vodka.
    Our’s retails for $39,99 and can be found at:

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