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  1. onion Said,

    Hah, wow, these are pretty fanfuckingtastic. It’s a shame that “Quit staring and buy me a drink” is the only women’s shirt available. I’d gladly buy the others.

  2. DrinkPlanner Said,

    Thanks onion, glad you like them! The “Why Yes, You CAN buy me a drink” is in womens too. Seriously, let me know which ones you’d want in a women’s (and what styles and colors)and I’ll get them on there. We just put these up as starters to see where people would want to go from there.

  3. onion Said,

    I personally like the “Fitshaced,” “Whiskey: Drink it or buy a tutu,” and “Lace up your booties, Beatrice, It’s shot time” ones the best. (the “If hangovers were people, my head would be CHINA” one is hilarious, but I am one of those rare few who don’t get hungover, no matter what or how much I’ve drunk)

    As far as shirt colors go, I’m not really picky, and the few girl drinking buddies I have aren’t, either. The T-shirt fit you have now is great, but I’m not opposed to slim fitting ones or 3/4 length sleeves either. But that’s just me.

    I hope your shirt store does well! You can bet your sweet ass I’ll buy some in the near future!

  4. DrinkPlanner Said,

    Ask, and you shall receive…go check the shop onion, your new wardrobe awaits! Just be sure to send in some pictures to us of you boozin’ in your new duds.

  5. onion Said,

    Fuckin’ sweet!
    As soon as I get the spare change, man.

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