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  1. Charlie Said,

    Wow, I can’t believe and am so glad I left before this happend!
    Kudos to you for staying through the shit storm to bring us all this very upsetting

    PS. Any hopes of a cartoon flash vid?

    PSS. Great site btw.

  2. scotchdrinker Said,

    That might be the best use of the word douchetard I’ve ever heard. I also wish I could have seen your face as this night unfolded….classic

  3. Rob Said,

    I was eating a chicken biscuit this morning when I read this and my stomach rolled over. You would think that since I was actually there and knew where the story would lead, I would be prepared for what was coming next! Great job with the story and the tips. Oscar turned out to be alright (no alcohol poisoning).

  4. Alex Said,

    Amazing. For a second there I assumed the person in the story was Toby, but then you mentioned that “Oscar” DIDN’T have alcohol poisoning, so obviously NOT Toby.

  5. K Said,

    I can’t believe such a seemingly harmless Saturday turned out to be such a disgustingly HORRIBLE poopy-pants INCIDENT. Let’s hope there is a happir tale to tell before long.

  6. K Said,

    ‘happier’–my bad

  7. Gabriel Said,

    Worst….Mixology Monday Post…….ever.

    Seriously though, didn’t we get over this sort of thing at 20? Just flabbergasting. Cheers to a well-spun tale of horror.

  8. DrinkPlanner Said,

    Thanks everyone.

    Charlie, even if I knew flash I wouldn’t make a video of this…too horrble *shudders*.

    And Gabe…I know, it completely went against the theme. And the thing about it was this dipshit and his friends were definitely in their mid- to late-twenties, several of them married. UNBELIEVABLE.

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