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  1. indiansfromindiadrinkalot Said,

    What’s possibly a hardcore drinker’s biggest fear? A DUI. Any stories or tips on how to get out of a DUI (besides not drinking at all or having a designated driver)?

  2. mark Said,

    Do you have any opinion on “classic cocktails” like an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Tom Collins, etc…? Being primarily a beer drinker, I’ve never had of ‘em, but for some reason those cocktail names have rattled around in my brain all these years.

  3. DrinkPlanner Said,

    I love ‘em. It’s hard to find them well-made though. Take the Manhattan, made with rye whiskey, sweet (Italian) vermouth, and Angostura bitters. First, most bartenders in your average neighborhood bar don’t know how to make one, even though it’s one of the most basic Bartending 101 drinks to make. Second, most won’t have rye on hand…so what will they do? Substitute it with bourbon. WRONG. Bourbon’s too sweet for a drink like this, so they should use a Canadian whiskey (they’re often made with quite a bit of rye).

    So yes, I love drinks like this, but I usually only make them for myself, or in a bar I know I can trust (though the Tom Collins is pretty hard to screw up, I made them as an novice drinker in college and they turned out quite nice from what I remember).

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