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  1. Booze Blog Roundup | DrinkPlanner Said,

    […] if ripping a page from our headlines, T-Shirt Hell’s new shirt (above) is here to save all you lightweights out […]

  2. indiansfromindiadrinkalot Said,

    not all of us asian indians are bright but if there’s one thing we learned in college…its how to drink. i’m 24 and started drinking hardcore when i was 19. i’ve learned from some of the best. to increase your tolerance (and the level of fun you’ll have out on a friday night) i suggest 1) get 7 to 9 hours of sleep the night before 2) try to drink 3 to 5 glasses of water during the day of 3) have a greasy drippy pepperoni calzone and one of those yogurt smoothie things by dannon exactly 1.5 hours before heading out 4) after every 3 drinks, have a TALL glass of water 5) an hour before you’re going home, switch to beer 6) a regular sized glass of water, a hot pocket and two advil liqui-gels to insure you’ll be able to do it all over again saturday night.

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