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  1. Kurt Said,

    Hello and thanks for taking the time to answer that extensively.

    The 500/700ml is not a daily (or even weekly) habit. I usually drink something around 180 to 400ml. Let’s say average is 150-200ml. What does your experience says? Is that extreme? I find it hard to drink less than that, I just don’t get that “well-being” feeling alcohol gives; it’s easier for me to just quit.

    Keep on,

  2. DrinkPlanner Said,

    Kurt, I’d say you’re at the top end of what the limits are for healthy, maybe a bit over. Depending on your heredity you could have a super-liver and may be just fine and your liver could take all the punishment you give it and more. Or you could have a liver that’s not as willing to take a beating and you could be seriously damaging it. If you’re concerned, there are some pretty simple ways your doctor can test your liver health and let you know where you stand.

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