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  1. longstaff Said,

    This site is a horrible split between the main site and the specialized pages. Slow to load and presented in a boring manner.

    As well, it is extremely difficult to find information, overly-commercial and private sector, and the registration process I just had to endure to be able to post this comment is very church basement.

    The web can do without this site.

  2. longstaff Said,

    And the interface is so garish it looks like it was drawn with either a crayon or Microsoft front page.

    Please reduce the garishness of the colors; they are very user-unfriendly.

    Perhaps engage a qualified designer.

  3. DrinkPlanner Said,

    Garish? Bitch please. Commercial? My nuts. This shit is muted and subdued as hell. Anything you’d want to find is easily searchable in the right-hand side. Everything is hosted from the same place, so there’s no load difference. You just seem to be a hater, crying about problems that aren’t there. So glad you found us though, we didn’t have a resident pain in the ass until now! I can’t wait to cram “user-friendly” straight up your ass, cock-smoker!

    Thanks for reading!

  4. bbean Said,

    That might be the best reply to a bitch I’ve ever heard. Thanks for making by day DrinkPlanner. Keep it coming.

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